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For children under the age of 7 and their parents, we have created an ideal alternative that consists of navigating a calmer but beautifully scenic section of the Soča River.


We will float and paddle approximately 7km, surrounded by incredible panoramic views of the mountains and forests of the valley where one part of Narnia movies was filmed. A wonderfully relaxing voyage.

Also, children will enjoy the water and feel the power of the river, while swimming and playing different games in certain parts of the trip.



  • Duration: 1.5 hours in the river - 2.5 hours in total

  • Requirements: Participants must notify us of any health issues or recent injuries prior attending the tour

  • Length of river section: Approximately 6 km

  • Where: From Čezsoča to Srpenica 1

  • Meeting point and parking: At our base in Bovec

  • Difficulty: Class I+ (from scale I-V)

  • Minimum age: 3 years old

  • What do you need: Swimming suit, towel and personal medications if neccessary (ti. astma, diabetes, allergies, etc.)

  • What is included: Transportation, licensed and experienced rafting guide, professional equipment in excellent condition, river permit

  • Price: 65€/person

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