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This adventure takes place in an open and calm Soča river section of about 7km. A chance to navigate and admire the beautiful mountain scenery around Bovec, while working on our kayak drills and in between, stretch our legs under the sun on a nearby beach during a nice break.

This activity begins with an introduction on the riverbank, where we will address basic paddling techniques, how to interpret river features and what to know about safety. Once on the water, during the first half hour, we will focus on practicing our basic strokes and feeling comfortable finding the proper balance in our boat.

The descent continues downstream into moving waters, where we’ll face some minor waves and small obstacles. Besides kayaking, you will learn one of the other reasons why we love rivers so much! Take this chance to feel amazed by nature. Birds, a stunning mountain scenery and ... If you look carefully enough, you might see some big Soča trouts swimming underneath you!



  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours in the water, 3 hours in total

  • Requirements: Participants must be able to swim and must notify us of any health issues or recent injuries prior attending the tour

  • Length of river section: 7 km appreximately

  • Where: Soča river

  • Meeting point and parking: At our base in Bovec

  • Difficulty: Depending on each group or individual

  • Minimum age: 10 years old

  • What do you need: Swimming suit, towel and personal medications if neccessary (ti. astma, diabetes, allergies, etc.)

  • What is included: Transportation, licensed and experienced kayaking guide, professional equipment in excellent condition, river permit

  • Price: 85€/person

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