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For a long time we had the desire to show the beauty of our Soča valley in a dinamic, educational and safe way, carrying out the activities that we are passionate about. Such as canyoning, kayaking and rafting.


Our main focus is to provide a high quality service, outside of mass tourism and with a special concern for each participant in order to create an unforgettable experience.

Diego de la Cerda
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Rafting and kayaking guide

Born & raised in one of the most southern parts of the world, Diego grew up among active volcanoes, magnificent mountains and roaring rivers, where he found his passion for whitewater sports. After becoming a professional rafting and kayak guide in his homeland Chile, he started travelling abroad and working in different countries, including; Ecuador, Peru, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Nepal, Sri lanka, etc. Until the year 2018, when he was invited to paddle in Slovenia.


Once he arrived to the Soča valley and explored the beautiful scenery and variety of outdoor sports it offers, he knew that this simple visit he had planned was actually meant to be a lifetime adventure.

Blažka Melihen de la Cerda
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Booking manager and canyoning guide

Originally from Bovec, Blažka grew up in the valley and since she was very young began to explore the mountains of the area; skiing in winter and hiking during the summer.


Always accompanied by her camera to help her capture the beautiful Soča valley, she decided to specialize in the art of photography and alongside this, obtained a degree in graphic design.

During this process she was also captivated by the quantity and quality of canyons that surrounded her hometown.


With great perseverance she learned various techniques and attended specialized courses on the matter, so as to professionally guide the diverse variety of canyons.

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